Our story

Our story

At ‘De Wandelaar’, we are happy with our label of bucolic country lodgings (Landelijk Logies).
Bucolic, because our comfortable rooms are in country style and warm in every sense of the word.

De Wandelaar sits along a narrow gravel track at the feet of the rolling countryside in West Flanders, far away from anything even remotely resembling urban stress.

We, Kaat and Herman, would like to introduce you to all the goodness that country life has to offer, including refreshing greenery, priceless tranquillity, a warm and friendly ambience and boundless hospitality.

Come and see for yourself that this really is a special spot!


In 1977, we exchanged the vast plains of Africa, where we had stayed for a few years and where we had experienced Mother Nature at its finest and immeasurable tranquillity, for the far more modest, yet equally alluring, hills of West Flanders.

A year later, we started renovating our dream home. A farm that until then had been called ‘Boertje Haeghe’, after the farmer who had lived and worked there his whole life.

The renovation turned into a long-term project, progressing step-by-step, largely with our own hands and the kind help from family and friends. Fifteen years later, the result was nothing short of glorious.

And then the time had arrived for new and other plans. The old cowshed underwent a slow but thorough metamorphosis. Where farmer Haeghe once milked his cows, guests can now cook in a charming kitchen, take a refreshing shower and relax after a pleasant hike or bike trip.

The loft that once filled with hay now has comfortable beds waiting for you that guarantee you a very quiet and peaceful night’s rest.

The barn where the pigs used to root around has been restored, rebuilt with hemp bricks, mud and wood. Now, it’s a pleasant lounge with books, comfortable armchairs and a great view of the greenery.


De Wandelaar wants to give you the opportunity to reflect on life. To simply leave the everyday stresses behind you and enjoy life to the full, even if it’s just for a few days.

We want to raise relaxation to an art form, inviting you to experience every aspect of nature and, above all, pamper both body and mind. Respect for man and the environment is our motto.

Above all, we hope to offer a watering hole for people who want to gently explore and admire this magnificent region by bike or on foot.